A journey of hope to leave a South African legacy... Rally to Read is a joint project involving private sponsors, members of the South African business community and 135 rural schools, organised annually by McCarthy, Bidvest, The READ Educational Trust and the Financial Mail. Since its inception, the Rally to Read has been a fascinating, exciting and inspiring journey. From the very beginning, the wheels of this project have turned through the dedication of organisers, funders and participants with the common vision of bringing hope through literacy. During the weekends of May, convoys of off-road vehicles will again depart from main cities across the country to deliver educational materials to some of the country’s most neglected schools. Once at the schools, Rally participants meet and interact with the learners and teachers who benefit from the deliveries as well as the subsequent professional development which is provided for three years by The READ Educational Trust.

On to the next one - Cecilia School

We stop along the way just to re-group.  From Fabeni School we travel further into the interior to our next port of call approx an hour away. 

We pass some beautiful countryside along the way. Cacti and palms are plentiful in these parts and any other plants are covered in massive thorns to protect, something you might want to bear in mind if you’re hanging your arm out of the car to catch a breeze! Ouch! Locals smile and wave at all of us as the rally reaches the second school.

Cecilia School

It was quiet here here in comparison. I wondered at first if we were in the right place. Weather wasn't looking too clever either. A big storm brewing one side of the school and nice blue sky quickly disappearing over the other.
There was a large tin hut and a small tin hut.. a few people milling around outside but nothing like the fervor of our greeting at Fabeni. 

As we unloaded the vehicles a few teachers and children came to greet us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a depurty chairperson at Cecilia primary school. This project came a little bit late as far as my observasion on its outcomes. The kids are now enjoying reading and it is so amazing when you see them competing with each other in reading. Thanx to RALLY 2 READ.